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About Us

Current owners Sandeep Singh and Ruban Thavanesan acquired Stones Property in 2011 with their estate agents covering Hillingdon, Hayes, Ickenham, Northolt, Uxbridge and West Drayton. The Company had been trading since 2005 primarily as a Lettings Office located in Hillingdon. Both Sandeep and Ruban who have a wealth of experience in Sales, Lettings and Financial Services have incorporated there corporate training which was undertaken with two of the UK’s largest Estate Agents and have perfected the craft of Estate Agency with the personalised independent touch.

Understanding the needs and requirements from vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants the team at Stones Property use a different number of methods to achieve and manage client goals and expectations. Coupled with the traditional methods we have developed our services with the advance in technology to ensure that the most successful methods to achieve the designed goal is completed in smallest of time frames.

Landlords & Vendors

From the very first moment, our Valuation Managers will you advise about current market trends, providing you with comparable evidence and literature to justify their valuation figure.

If you choose to proceed with Stones, we will take professional photos, measurements and create a floor plan. We will check the national database to see if there is a valid Energy Performance Certificate and if not, recommend an approved assessor to carry this out for you.

We too can assist with Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and with the new law change as of 01stJuly 2020 a Landlords Electrical Certificate.

With all the above information being processed by our in-house Administrator your property will go live on the two largest Property Portals Zoopla and Rightmove and to continue with the personal touch on

Phase 1

With the assistance of the latest property management software that is predominantly used by the Corporate Agents, Stones will be able ensure that your property reaches all prospective clients that are held on our live database. With a click of a button we are able to direct feed your property information to both prospective purchasers and tenants therefore ensuring that you have maximum exposure in a matter of seconds. But we don’t just sit back there and let the wonders of technology do the work… we then use the traditional methods of speaking to each person that fits the criteria of your property and with our dedicated Property Negotiator’s we are able to sell your asset in the best possible manner. With fully trained Property Negotiator’s that have an in-depth knowledge of the local property market there able to ensure that viewings are booked without fail.

Phase 2

Rightmove and Zoopla are a must for any Vendor or Landlord that wants maximum exposure for their assets and being able to advertise on both portals ensure that we at Stones do not miss a single opportunity to deliver success. With the majority of purchasers and prospective tenants utilising mobile phone applications your property will always be in their pocket!

Our real estate agents are firm believers of working smart and not hard, therefore a service we offer to ALL clients whether you’re a Vendor, Landlord, Purchaser or Prospective Tenant is Financial Services. Any client we work with we want to ensure that we can assist them in any property matter especially when it comes to buying your next home.

With all the technology on offer, the job of Property Negotiator’s is simplified. At Stones, we stand head and shoulders above our competitors is doing the traditional basics of Accompanied Viewings in Northolt, Uxbridge, West Drayton and the nearby areas. Sales Particulars only tell half a vision of the ideal home. However, with an understanding of the client’s needs, our team are able to present your property on a one to one viewing with the client in a more effectively.

With our Property Management Software and the assistance of Rightmove and Zoopla Stones are able to keep you informed on the progress that is being made with your asset on a weekly basis.

With all the tools we could possibly want in our industry the main aim is to achieve the acceptable offer for our Vendors or Landlord’s.


As with any offer we receive we will ensure that the prospective purchaser(s) have been financially qualified to ensure that they have the affordability to put forward a formal offer. On presentation of this offer we will firstly verbally put this forward with all supporting information such as deposit amount, broker / lender details, solicitors and the opening offer.

Regardless of the outcome of the offer presented, Stones will ensure that this offer is put to you formally in writing and should you chose to accept, then the will finalise the agreement of the sale by issuing Memorandum Of Sales to all parties which include both sets of Solicitors.

Should the Vendor or Purchaser require Solicitors, Stones have worked closely with many local firms that we would be more than happy to refer you to get a competitive quote.


As with Sales ensuring any prospective tenant is suitable for your asset our estate agents ensure that we are able to obtain as much information as possible to have each prospective tenant credit scored. With this information we are then able to present to you the perfect tenant.